Your brand is a story. Be sure it's well told.

Video is now how we read.

Since that’s so, you better have a great story.

And you better have a true storyteller write the story.

Today, we all have video cameras. Some of us even edit our videos.

Others have taken a step further and said, “Hey, I can get a camera and start shooting.”

It’s great that technology has become so accessible. But it still comes to one thing—story.

The story before anyone even picks up a camera.

The story that begins before you even start writing a script.

Because if you don’t think beforehand, and if there’s just a so-so story at the beginning—or worse, “We’ll just shoot a lot and put it together”—you’ll end up with a me-too story after all the shooting and editing are done.

And even if your story is non-fiction, you need it thought-out before the camera light goes on.

Think about the great books you’ve read and TV shows and movies you’ve seen. What do you remember and talk about? It’s “the story.”

We’ve been writing and producing videos, commercials, audio and assorted media for 25-plus years.

We don’t concentrate on equipment or angles or lighting. Until it’s time.

To us it’s “story” first.

And last.

We develop your story with your help.

When it comes time to bringing it to life, we find the best people possible to tell it.

This includes young, hungry shooters. It includes Oscar winning directors and ones with work in the permanent collection of the Museum of Broadcasting.

Sometimes we direct the story ourselves.

If you need a compelling story told on video, audio—anything, entrust it to someone who begins your story inside your category, your brand, your organization and then tells that story in an interesting, entertaining, powerful and succinct way.

Entrust your story to a writer and a team that knows how to tell great stories.

That’s The International Offices.

The difference between a production company, a digital studio and The International Offices.

•We start with story. In fact, we start before the story. We start with message strategy. We believe story is everything. (Ask a production company or a digital studio if they have a strategist and/or writer on staff.)

•We think about your business category, your organization, your brand, your competition and what your consumer is thinking.

•Video production companies talk about cameras, lenses, lights, angles and such. Digital studios talk about SEO and the number of eyes on your site. We focus on story and the idea. After we have that down, then we figure out the production to make it come alive. We’ll entrust some fine SEO folks to get it seen.

•If you need someone to come shoot your meeting or CEO, you need a video production company.

•If you want a website, you want a digital studio. If you want a killer video on that website, you want us.

•Every job is custom. So every team that works on it is custom. We build our team around your story’s needs. If that means 20 people, we have them. Great ones. But if your story only needs three or four, we build to that size. Sometimes big stories only need a few good people to tell it beautifully.

•If you want to tell an interesting story and want it told and produced in a way that people actually watch it—and re-watch it—and it emotionally connects with the viewer—then you want The International Offices.

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