How to do a better RFP

The International Offices was recently contacted by a worldwide company for an upcoming project. Since the project was coming from a department outside of marketing they weren’t sure what to include in their RFP (request for proposal). They were very nice about this and asked for patience if their RFP … Continue reading

Kevin Endres, August 15, 2017

The bigger the group, the dummer it gets

I've preached on the negative effects of collaboration for years. Now there's a study that proves it. Read about it here.

Kevin Endres, April 20, 2017

How to make sure your unscripted video is infused with brand message.

At an American Marketing Association luncheon on new techniques in video, someone asked, “How do you keep unscripted video focused on your brand?” The moderator called me out of the crowd for the answer. I’ve been using the technique, reality, non-fiction, unscripted storytelling, user-generated video or whatever it’s called nowadays, … Continue reading

Kevin Endres, December 12, 2016

The Six Sins of Healthcare Marketing

I’ve worked in healthcare marketing/advertising since way before it was the thing to be in. That would be the late ‘80s. In that time, I’ve worked on just about everything in the healthcare category except pharma and durables. This post focuses on what I see and get asked to do … Continue reading

Kevin Endres, October 25, 2016

Why that big brainstorming session you’re having will probably just be an intermittent drizzle.

You’ve probably participated in the dreaded “Brainstorming Session.” It starts with the awkward silence. There’s an idea or two. A few ideas are selected by “The Leader.” Then, mercifully, it’s over. The highlight was probably the bagels or doughnuts as a reward. Here’s why group brainstorming sessions are pretty useless. … Continue reading

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Kevin Endres, October 11, 2016